Payslipview – Tesco Online PaySlip View Login Portal

Access Tesco’s payslip online from the official portal. Colleagues and employees can check the portal for online payslips and work schedules.

The official portal enables colleagues to access payslips, personal information, and contact details, while is a general-use portal. The official portal provides comprehensive details encompassing personal information, payment, deductions, vacation, and working days.

This online payslip view portal, developed by Tesco, facilitates employees’ convenience in viewing their monthly or weekly salary slips with a single click. This online web portal store and maintain the payroll database of all Tesco employees.

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Payslipview Login Requirments

Tesco colleagues who want to know what login credentials are required for the payslip, then here are the details that you required during login.

  • Employee ID/Number
  • Activation code
  • Date Of Birth
  • Password

Activation Code

The activation code is a 4-digit code and you can find your activation code on the previous payslip of your Tesco. If you do not have the activation code then a new activation code will be provided on the fourth-week paper payslip.

Employee Number

Employee number is a unique ID that is provided by Tesco to all its employees that helps Tesco to authenticate its colleagues. This ID is an 8-digit number and is very necessary for you to view the payslip online.

Tesco Payslip Online – How To Check Online?

Now here I am going to provide you with a step-by-step login guide. Follow these given steps to easily check your Tesco payslips.

STEP 1. Tesco colleagues need Tesco’s official portal web address which is

STEP 2. Once you type this URL or click on the link, the login webpage will open. Now Tesco mobile view website will open but on the site, there is a Desktop view version of the Tesco website. You can choose the desktop view if you want.

STEP 3. Now on the payslips login page, enter your EMPLOYEE NUMBER and click on the Continue button.

Tesco Payslip
Tesco Payslip

STEP 4. After clicking on Continue, a new page will open. Now enter your Activation Code, Date of Birth, and captcha code.


STEP 5. Now click on the Continue button.

STEP 6. On the next page enter your password and then click on Login. Now your profile dashboard will open. From your Tesco dashboard, you can check your payslip.

Check PayslipView Here
Official Website
Our Tesco

Online Registration – Check Here Steps

Tesco developed Payslipview online portal for its employees and if you are working with the Tesco organization then you can use this portal. If you are not an authorized person then you will get a message on the screen of Authorized access only.

Before accessing the official website you need to complete the registration process and fill out the enrollment form at Our Tesco portal. Once you complete the registration you will get the login credentials.

To complete the registration process you need an employee ID/number and if you do not have the employee number then contact the HR department to get the Employee ID.

How do I register on

  • Visit the official site
  • On the login page enter your EMPLOYEE NUMBER.
  • After entering the Employee number click on CONTINUE.
  • Now follow the further steps that will show on your system and complete the registration.

Password Rules

  • Password should be a minimum of 8 characters in length.
  • Contain one lowercase letter and one capitalized letter.
  • Likewise contains 1 unique character or number.

OurTesco Login Forgotten Password Recovery Steps

As you all know login credentials are very important for a successful login. This is for the Tesco customer’s and employees’ security reasons. All Tesco customers/employees need to enter the correct password for successful sign-in.

Now if you forgot your login password then here are the steps that will help you to recover the forgotten password easily.

  1. Visit the Our Tesco portal i.e. 
  2. Once the Tesco portal opens up click on SIGN IN.
  3. Now on the SIGN IN page, click on FORGOT PASSWORD.
  4. On the next page, enter your EMPLOYEE CODE and date Of Birth. Then enter your new password and confirm the password.
  5. Finally, you can click on RESET MY PASSWORD.

Tesco Ireland Payslip Login Steps

For the Tesco Ireland employees, The official web address of this portal is

All Ireland workers need to open the official portal of Ireland Tesco that I mentioned above. Follow the below given simple steps below and easily get your payslip online.

  • First, open the official web address of Tesco Ireland which is
  • Now on the login page of Tesco Ireland Payslips, enter your EMPLOYEE NUMBER.
  • After entering your employee ID click on CONTINUE.
  • Now on the next page enter your PASSWORD and ACTIVATION CODE and click on the Sign In button to reach into your Tesco dashboard.
  • Now from your profile view your payslips.

Benefits Of the Tesco Employee Portal

Now, if we are to take a look at the benefits of the online services provided by Tesco to their employee there are a few that seems to be quite crucial. Well, the online platform basically acts as a medium of communication between the employer and employee.

Here are some of the benefits of the official portal:

  1. Employees can check work-related details.
  2. Tesco payslips can be obtained without paying a visit to the respective Tesco Payroll Department.
  3. Tesco employees can maintain their personal accounts with the luxury of privacy.
  4. It also allows employees to check work entitlements.

Login Problems At Official Portal

Many Tesco workers face the log-in issue into or If you have any kind of issue logging into your Tesco account, At that point, you can contact the customer helpline number (01462 652 397) or you can email them at

Additionally here are some basic answers for solving the Tesco login troubleshooting issues.

  • First, check your net connection, and if your internet is working properly then change your browser.
  • Now make sure you are using the correct login credentials like employee ID and password to log in.
  • If you forgot your login password then reset your password, then log into your account with a new password.
  • If the desktop version is not working properly then open the mobile version of Tesco which is
  • If the given are not the cause of login failure then clear your browser catch.
  • If issues stay constant then try another internet browser like Chrome, Mozilla, or any other.

Helpline Number

Tesco understands that a lot of employees face login issues. The help of its colleagues provides a helpline number and email, where the workers can contact and ask their queries. 

You can contact the Tesco helpline from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5 pm. 

Helpline Number

  • 01462652397
  • 789165397

Email at

  • For Payslip-related issues contact the line manager or email at

Payslips Detailed Explanation

Basic HoursDescribe your weekly working hours or contracted hours.
Employee NameYour full name is according to your documents.
Employee NumberIt is a 9-digit unique number that holds 3 letters and 6 numbers. The national insurance number holds the details about National Insurance contributions and credits you have paid.
DepartmentIt represents the employee department.
Job CodeYour Job role code.
Hourly RateThe hourly wage rate of the Tesco employees.
HoursWorking hours
National Insurance NumberIt is a unique number that is provided to very employee.
Occupation CodeThis is a Job role code that defines your work inside the Tesco organization.
Tax CodeEmployee personal tax code that determines how much tax employee will pay.
Tax PeriodCurrent tax week details.
Tax ReferenceCompany tax reference number.
Payment MethodHolds information about payment methods such as Bacs, Cheques, NEFT, and others.
DateCurrent tax weekend date.


In this step-by-step guide, we provided login steps, payslips, and other important information. If you found this article helpful then you can share the portal with your colleagues. For more help, you can leave a comment. Official Website: